Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How do we hire you?

After our initial meeting, preferably let us know your decision within 1-2 weeks. At that point we will prepare an agreement and once we sign it and we have a deposit fee, your date is secured with us.


2. How do we setup a meeting with you? 

Contact us via email or call us to book an appointment with us. 


3. Can we customize packages mentioned above?

Yes, give us a call or book a meeting in person to customize your wedding package.


4. Do you offer Photobooth services?

 No, we do not offer photobooth services anymore. But I will be happy to provide you some references. 


5. Are there any hidden fees?

 No, we do not have any hidden fees.


6. How long it will take after the wedding to get all pictures and videos?

 On average, we aim to deliver all photos within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date and videos within 6-10 weeks of your wedding date. We make all efforts to deliver final pictures and videos within the time frame mentioned above.

7. How many engagement photos will we receive?

 You can expect 50 to 80 edited images from a typical 2 hour photo session. 


8. Will there be a logo on all pictures that we receive in USBs or Online?

 No, there will not be a logo on images that will be delivered online or on USBs. 


9. Can we get our pictures printed elsewhere? 

Yes, once you get your pictures in the USB from us. You can get them printed from anywhere. There will not be any lock or restriction on pictures. 


10. Do you charge travel fees?

There are no extra charges for travel within GTA. However anything outside of GTA, please check with us. 

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques, cash and e-transfer for payments. 


12. Do you pay for the photography permits for paid locations?

No, it is clients responsibility to pay for the photo/video permit. We will be happy to assist you in selection of the paid or free locations for photography.


13. Do you use drones for photography and videography?

Yes, we use drones for photography and videography. We are licensed to fly drone in Canada and we keep bylaws and Canadian Aviation Regulations in mind for flying drones.